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Preventive care is crucial to your overall health. It helps you avoid serious illnesses and improve your quality of life. Wan Tan Chang, MD, provides preventive services like vaccinations as well as complete medical screenings at CenterHealth Medical in Flushing, New York. Dr. Chang is a preventive care specialist who understands how vital this care is to your overall wellness. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Chang, call the office today or request a consultation online.


Primary and Preventive Care Q & A

What is preventive care?

Preventive care is the area of medicine where doctors focus on disease prevention. Preventive care is essential even if you're healthy, as chronic health conditions sometimes come out of nowhere.

Chronic health conditions are on the rise in the United States and have unfortunately become the new normal. However, Dr. Chang’s goal is to prevent chronic conditions in the first place. The superior preventive care at CenterHealth Medical allows you to stay ahead of your health to prevent future disease and disability.

Medical screenings, regular physical exams, and health counseling services are all vital aspects of preventive care. This form of medicine aims to stay ahead of chronic diseases and keep your body and mind as healthy as possible.


What is involved in preventive care?

Dr. Chang specializes in preventive care. He provides screening tests to everyone from babies to seniors and everyone in between. 

Screening tests are one of the focal points of preventive care. Some of the tools Dr. Chang uses include the following:


  • Blood pressure screenings
  • Cholesterol tests
  • Blood sugar screenings
  • Mammograms
  • Colonoscopies
  • Flu shots
  • Routine vaccinations
  • COVID-19 vaccines

For newborns and children, well-child visits and newborn visits are other aspects of preventive care. These visits include height and weight and other developmental checks, health screenings, and the first few rounds of crucial vaccines. 

Dr. Chang tailors preventive care to your goals and needs. He provides you with educational tools to keep you healthy and treats conditions when they arise.


How often do you need preventive care?

Everyone's health is different, meaning everyone requires preventive care screenings at some point. Typically, a healthy person should have preventive health screenings at least yearly. However, other factors play into this decision.

Dr. Chang evaluates your health and family history to determine how often you need preventive care. If you're at high risk for chronic health conditions, Dr. Chang may want to see you more often to stay on top of your health.

The same is true if you suffer from chronic health issues like diabetes or high blood pressure. You may need more frequent health screenings to keep your condition under control and avoid complications.

If you're ready to stay ahead of your health, call the CenterHealth and Medicine team today, or book a consultation with Dr. Chang online.